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Video: How James Spann uses social media, blogging for weather reporting

June 9, 2011

Video: James Spann on “Communicating Weather Info in a Post-Broadcast World”

It’s no secret: I’m a fan of James Spann.

James SpannThe popular meteorologist for Birmingham ABC affiliate WBMA-33/40 is known for his wall-to-wall coverage during severe weather outbreaks, of which we’ve had quite a few lately in town.

Spann was kind enough to speak in 2010 at a Social Media Club Birmingham meeting. Instead of his usual take on weather for his statewide audiences, he spun us a tale of the future of broadcast and social media that impressed the hell outta me and others in attendance.

In this 18-minute video, he presents at May’s TEDxRedMountain on “Communicating Weather Info in a Post-Broadcast World.” Spann shares his insights on breaking news, television, blogging and social media, and how he has used these channels and more before, during and after the April 27 tornadoes.

(Sadly, you can’t see the projected slides and video offscreen, which illustrate his points effectively.)


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