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BarCampBirmingham4: video highlights

August 30, 2010

I had fun at the fourth BarCampBirmingham this weekend at Birmingham’s Innovation Depot. Each year, we put on an “unconference,” allowing people to attend for free and give presentations on whatever topics they want.

Not wanting to let the presentations remain trapped at BarCamp, I shot a few videos from the sessions I attended. Check out the variety of topics and speakers below.

And if you’re interested in helping out with our next BarCamp in the spring, please let us know on this signup form. Events like this one depend on volunteers like you to make them successful.

• • •

Jennifer Skjellum on how to present yourself, whether networking or just meeting people.

• • •

Brian Cauble (@briancauble) shares a secret on networking with people, even if you’re an introvert.

• • •

Sara Cannon (@saracannon) on WordPress child themes

• • •

Evan Travers (@evantravers) on learning and using keyboard shortcuts to save time.

Evan also shared a list of time-saving apps and sites.

• • •

Daniel Walters (@socialmediabham) on time-saving tools for the Mac.

• • •

Randall Vaughn on Christian ministry and social media.

• • •

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